Here’s how enterprise search enables companies to provide a great site experience for employees and customers

How do you provide an engaging content discovery experience? Directing both users and employees to the right information is a pain point for enterprise-grade websites. Implementing enterprise search improves customer journeys, enables employees to find key information sooner, and makes content findable.

What is enterprise search?

Enterprise search is a powerful tool that indexes, searches, and displays different data from various sources into one convenient solution. It makes content and digital assets in any form accessible to all. Organizations that have a huge volume of data across multiple sources turn to enterprise search to offer intuitive and engaging search experiences. It solves the most complex question that site owners struggle to answer: How much data is too much data? With enterprise search, it doesn’t matter!

Enterprise search improves ‘findability’

Findability is a word popularized by Peter Morville in his book Ambient Findability. The ability to locate relevant information forms the cornerstone for a good user experience. Users need to find contextually relevant information on website without extensive navigation or rage clicking on multiple blue links!

Techniques such as meta-tagging, categorization, and taxonomies enabled searchers to land on the right information quickly.

With the advanced search abilities that major players like Google and Amazon provide, website users demand a more advanced search experience that isn’t limited to keywords alone. The search experience is not about typing a keyword in a search box and getting a result. It should enable users to discover related content and navigate pre-defined journeys.

Enterprise search empowers employees with the right content.

There are numerous ways employees benefit from having easy access to content on their company’s knowledge base. Enterprise search is a sales enabler as it helps sales agents to provide on-brand, personalized, highly relevant content according to top go-to-market priorities. It provides a curated search experience that saves up time.

Content residing across different repositories can be discovered and delivered to customers in simple clicks.

It makes customers take the next steps.

Customers leave when they don’t find what they want. Enterprise search provides memorable self-service experiences to visitors. Enterprise search handholds customers to the next step of the buyer journey, answers important questions, provides access to high-quality content, all without filling out query forms or seeking the help of customer service agents. Customers are looking for a self-serve experience that isn’t disjointed. This is where a tool like Keyspider search engine helps.

It automatically parses information, provides contextually relevant content, and lights the way for a truly self-serve content discovery experience. Keyspider offers results re-ranking abilities that enable visitors to find relevant information displayed in the search results page every single time. The search data that is displayed can be effectively controlled using advanced customization options.

Uncovering hidden data…

Data is the new currency. Enterprise-grade organizations have always struggled with modernizing legacy systems. It is incredibly difficult to access and retrieve data.

These hidden pockets of data cannot be ignored. They may contain the financial report needed to seal a deal or the legal document that the compliance team is looking for. Enterprise search bubbles up vital information hidden under layers of data, accumulated over the years, across multiple systems. An internal search engine that works across multiple data source types and offers tailored search experiences based on user profiles expedites the time spent on locating data. This is where a full fledged search tool like Keyspider can play a pivotal role. With its ability to quickly index and categorize information it saves the time and effort spent on surfacing key details.

Enterprise search helps new employees to get up to speed.

Enterprise level companies have diverse service offerings, business units, and objectives. Bringing new employees up to speed on current processes is an arduous task for onboarding teams.

Enterprise search simplifies this process. By providing vital information in an easily searchable and unified engine it provides new joiners with the knowledge they need to hit the ground running.

A modern and intuitive site search experience that a cloud based internal search engine like Keyspider provides enables new employees to look up internal corporate content with ease. This improves employee engagement and productivity.

How enterprise search improves conversions and reduces bounce rates

Content heavy websites can benefit from enterprise search by providing relevant search results in a jiffy. Semantic search enables customers to find what they want and not just what they type. An improved user experience results in better conversions and low bounce rates. An intelligent search solution like Keyspider has advanced search abilities that provides visitors with relevant search results that aren’t limited to keywords alone.

The Wrap

Enterprise search is quickly becoming a must-have for organizations with a humongous amount of data. It is a one stop solution that fixes the many broken links in the information chain. Its benefits are far reaching and measurable. Take the first step today. Try a free trial in Keyspider enterprise search.