Keyspider Site Search API

The site search API allows you to query a site’s search engine to find pages that match a given set of criteria. This can be useful for finding specific pages on a site, or for finding pages that match a particular keyword or phrase.

  • Use the Site Search API to increase the visibility of your content in search results and provide users with a great search experience.
  • The Site Search API delivers a single consistent search experience across your website, apps and other properties.
  • You can also use this API to improve content discovery on your site, increase engagement and boost sales.

Benefits of search APIs

  1. Increased Efficiency: Search APIs can help make your search process more efficient by reducing the time it takes to find relevant results.
  2. Greater Customization: Search APIs offer greater customization options than many traditional search engines, allowing you to tailor your search results to better meet your needs.
  3. Reduced Costs: Search APIs can save you money by eliminating the need to license expensive proprietary software.
  4. Increased Flexibility: Search APIs offer increased flexibility by allowing you to integrate search functionality into your existing applications and websites.
  5. Improved User Experience: Search APIs can improve the overall user experience by providing a more intuitive and relevant search experience.

Make your websites and apps more powerful with the Site Search API

The Site Search API is a RESTful API designed to enable websites and apps to provide their users with powerful, relevant search results.

The Keyspider Site Search API uses JSON format for all responses and can be used with any programming language or framework. The API is fast, responsive and scalable, it can process billions of queries per day and it’s secure. All communication between your site or app and the search engine service are encrypted using HTTPS.

The API supports pagination, sorting, filtering and other advanced features such as faceted search. Developers can use the API to create custom search experiences on your site or application.

Keyspider Search API

Keyspider is an artificial intelligence-powered search and discovery service that allows any website to offer a better search experience, converting more searches into customers and increasing revenue.

The Site Search API enables developers to build search into their website and applications. Search API can be customizable. The end-user search API provides access to search data, including the title, description, URL and multiple metadata for each result. Facet filter can be configurable and access from search API.

The Keyspider Site Search REST API makes it easy to integrate Keyspider into your websites. You can use the API to create a customizable search page, create a different set of search pages from various data sources, and work with many platforms. you can able to customize the look and feel of the search results page to match your brand.

The Search API has been designed for use by any website owner or developer who wants to embed a great site-search tool on their own site. It’s powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and works instantly as soon as it’s added to your website – no setup required!

Integrate Keyspider Search API

Keyspider is a fast and flexible search engine that can be integrated into any website. There are four steps to setting up your site search API:

  • Add your website in Keyspider.
  • Configure and customize your website’s search in Keyspider dashboard.
  • Use the API to add search functionality to your website.
  • Test your site search functionality.

The technical documentation should provide information on how to use the search API to query data from the Keyspider search engine. It should also provide information on the Keyspider search engine’s autocomplete API, spell suggestion API and how to optimize queries to get the most relevant results.

The Keyspider Search API is a free to try, powerful search API that enables you to search for content across the web. The API provides a simple, consistent interface that returns results in JSON format.