There are a thousand words a thousand people type into search bars every second. The words are merely instruments and hold no real value. The need of the hour today is for your website to be able to implement the intelligent search feature.  But for the user, some of these words are of interest and hold more weight than the other words. Have you realized this yet?

By successfully leveraging the keywords you use with precision and ease and by using various features such as autocomplete search, you can be found on a search engine with relative ease. This involves assigning a relevance value to every word that is searched for and the content in turn deciding whether your content ranks highly for the search or not. 

Changing Search Results One Weight at a Time

In today’s constantly changing world of the best search interfaces, it has become impossible for a company to reach a WhatsApp status that people will like? Most worries have a careful interview right away. But this changes everything. With the help of assigning field values to a given keyword, it becomes how important is it to the question. 

Not every word in a sentence has the same amount of importance attached to it. This is when certain words in the all-around question begin to have an increased number by themselves. Through search engine indexing, your search results can certainly look a lot brighter. 

These numbers would then increase for results with a greater number of words used and will be prioritized for all your results. 

Many Keywords One User

Ideally, once a user has a search specific site, their query matches your content. Let us assume that someone online was shopping for safety tips. Since what they type will be short and pertaining to safety tips, the two words safety tips will be catered to. If your content has the word several types in it then it will be promoted but unfortunately, if you don’t mention it a lot and in important places like headers, your score for the website search engine is not a lot and your content won’t be displayed very highly. Using the Keyspider Search can be a smart strategy that helps you to process and utilize your data to its best.

The key to taking advantage of field weights is to alter the technical content in terms of what people are typing and using it. The benefits of using the Keyspider Search  Plugin and to have smarter keyword placement will be plenty. You need a dedicated team who can do this research and help you tap into getting higher search weights for various results. 

Sort Your Search Results

The chief aim of assigning map field values is to be able to rank the search results based on your preference. But have you ever wondered things such as ‘what is a search index’ and how can you best make use of it? This means that you will be able to control which one appears where in terms of search results and rank them accordingly. You will be able to control this data and allow it to be set on the basis of any preferences that you set. 

These preferences can sort of be seen as filters that are modifiable. With time and how you want your results to appear, you can easily modify them and entirely change the weight distribution for a number of reasons. All you have to do is assign each field with a specific value. This said value is a number between 1 and 10 wherein assigning the number 1 is giving a low value and assigning the number 10 is giving a high value. Now based on the values that you have assigned, the fields with higher values will have a higher density and as a result, will be appearing first in search engine search results. 


Overall, with the help of assigning field weights, you get a lot of power over your content and to boost it with the Keyspider Website Search experience. The increased customizability keeps your content fresh and allows you to shift focus when needed. Many have been playing with the concept of assigning field weights in the industry to have an enhanced experience.