The alternative to SearchWP is here. We are Keyspider and we are changing the site search game!

How long does it take for visitors to reach the information they want? The success of a website hinges on the answer to this question. There are several internal search engines but most of them create more problems than they solve!

Let’s look at a name that has cornered (well, almost) the WordPress search market – SearchWP.

While SearchWP becomes more complex as businesses grow, Keyspider aims to be the only cloud based search engine in the market that meets the needs of businesses of all sizes. We are feature-rich and have the right set of capabilities to supercharge the search operations of WordPress sites.

Advanced search result customization

This is the key difference between SearchWP and Keyspider. Keyspider is a SaaS product that offers advanced customization of search results. Users can tailor the relevance of the search experience with highly customizable search parameters.

The search results that are displayed can be controlled easily. This way only contextually relevant search results are displayed. Our synonym recognition functionality will enable users to land on the right information.

Pin search result based on Keyword

Show the best search results every single time. Keyspider’s query mapping feature lets users to order and pin specific search results , redirect to other pages; ex: promotional page or group search results. Autocomplete and query retyping options help website visitors to find the data they need quickly. SearchWP in contrast is a WordPress plugin that doesn’t offer full fledged search capabilities or custom options.

Cloud based search solution

Unlike SearchWP which is a WordPress plugin, Keyspider is a cloud based search solution that stores data in a secure cloud. This means more searchable data isn’t equal to more storage space anymore. SearchWP is a plugin and not being a cloud based SaaS product does have its drawbacks. Content heavy sites that run on low-powered hosting will face loading issues. A cloud search solution paves the way for not just a great search experience but lighter data footprint as well.

Result reranking

Search results are re-ranked on the search results page based on relevancy. Advanced AI is used to refine the ranking of search results by analyzing the query context and search intent. Website visitors get the results they’re looking for right on top. This minimizes scrolls and maximizes engagement.

Adjustable weights to Meta-data

Field weights can be assigned in Keyspider. Weights can be applied to different fields and meta data to control how each field impacts search result rankings. The field weight assigned increases with relevance i.e, 10 being the most relevant on a scale of 1 to 10.

Multiple data source type

Keyspider crawls and indexes data from multiple data sources and CMS. This provides the flexibility and power to grow and manage sites regardless of content type or CMS. SearchWP lacks this key capability. It can be a dealbreaker for businesses who house content under various data sources and content management systems.

For example if your main site runs on different platform or different WordPress instance and your blogs are housed in WordPress, SearchWP cannot work across both platforms and provide a seamless search experience. Keyspider can work across multiple CMS and provide a search experience that isn’t constrained by various data sources or CMS.

Keyspider vs SearchWP- A closer look

Custom fields search
Field weight to custom meta-data
Taxonomies search
Query mapping
Keyword stemming
Documents search
Facet filter
No coding integration
End-user search API
Cloud based solution
Result reranking
Synonym recognition feature
Exclude or Attribute results
User role management
Search display data can be controlled
Made WordPress database heavy
Highly customizable
Built for sites of all sizes
e-commerce search

Here is why Keyspider is different and better!

  • Search parameters can be defined and customized by users without the need for tech heavy lifting.
  • Provides the flexibility to work with multiple sites.
  • Data is fetched and indexed across any and every data source.
  • Multiple collections from various data sources are created within a single engine.
  • Keyspider provides rich site results that are SEO friendly.  
  • Keyspider offers end to end customization options. 
  • Enterprise featured site search. 
  • Friendly and responsive support team.
  • A free trial is available to guide customers to make the right decision. 

Here is why Keyspider has a strong edge over SearchWP

We believe every business has to grow and derive the maximum value out of their internal search engine without complexity constraints. 

We put the customer front and center. We’ve added all the features WordPress sites need to boost their internal search efforts and done away with the ones that don’t. 

If you are looking for a website search solution that offers what you want minus the bells and whistles we are there to take your dreams forward. 

Request for a free trial of Keyspider here.