According to a study by Econsultancy site search optimization can boost the conversion rates of websites by 43%. Yet how many websites pay attention to internal site search? The alarming answer is not many.

There is a wide chasm between what website visitors expect and the site experiences awaiting them. It is important to be nimble and customer-led. Despite the growing importance of internal search there is a gap in the market that most players in the WordPress search market fail to address. It is building a WordPress search tool that is built for websites of all sizes. Keyspider is built from the ground up to span this gap.

The anatomy of a broken internal search engine

There’s a lot that is awesome about WordPress but most site owners would agree that the default search functionality is not one of them. It is because the built-in search function of WordPress searches the title, content fields of inputted search terms, and excerpts. And pretty much nothing else. A website with custom fields, custom plugins, custom post types and documents is going to be hamstrung by these limitations as content listed under these features will not appear in the search results.

The inability of WordPress native search to crawl through categories and tags makes it return results with no contextual focus or prioritization.

The downside of search tools limited by site size

There are myriad WordPress search plugins available in the market. But all of them have one major drawback- they function based on the size of a website. Their price points and functionalities revolve around the amount of content being created and published. Plugins that come only in a premium version and encourage users to upgrade to expensive pro plans to implement advanced search on multiple sites strain the budgets of small site owners. Most premium plugins use a lot of data and create a heavy footprint on the wp posts database table. This causes huge issues when a site runs on low-powered hosting.

Some plugins do not work on shared hosting making it difficult for small website owners whose sites run on affordable shared servers to implement them.

At the other end of the spectrum there are extremely affordable and Freemium tools that offer limited functionality. Missing key features are a trade-off! They also tend to be bare boned forcing users to switch to other products when their websites outgrow the limited search functionality they offer.

Keyspider aims to be the only WordPress internal search tool unhindered by the size of websites.

A feature stack that intersects with the needs of fast-growth websites

The problem with the outdated approach of providing solutions based on website size is a major pain point for fast-growth websites. What happens when you don’t clearly belong to one end of a spectrum? What happens when your business is scaling rapidly and you need a solution that meets today’s needs and tomorrow’s opportunities? Our answer to this conundrum is building and launching a search tool that provides tailored search abilities for WordPress websites of all sizes. Meet the internal search engine of the future!

It offers a feature stack that focuses primarily on optimizing search value, utilizing advanced technology to up the Search as a Service game, and complete customization.

Standout Features

  • Fast indexing of new and updated pages.
  • Speedy results.
  • Easy-to-configure faceted search.
  • Friendly and informed support.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Unlimited collection configuration.
  • Search page customization.
  • It reduces bounce rates.
  • Searches everything on a site including documents.
  • It works seamlessly with all WordPress themes.

Opening up conversion opportunities through a custom search engine for B2B WordPress websites

B2B websites are shedding the image of’ boring to boring’ and mimicking the engaging visitor experiences that B2C brands provide. Most B2B brands are content heavy making it difficult for visitors to land on the information they want without clicking on multiple links. This leads to missed conversion opportunities. A feature-packed custom search engine improves not just content discoverability but conversion rates as well.

A custom search engine like Keyspider uncovers customer intent. Site owners struggle to personalize content according to their visitor needs and minimize click paths. It is due to lack of visibility into customer search data. A search tool like Keyspider provides a direct line to this information.

  • Each search through Keyspider generates actionable insights.
  • It enables B2B companies to capitalize on moments that are most ripe for conversions.
  • Relevant and responsive search results boost user experience.

Here are two easy ways to install Keyspider on your WordPress website

You can get the Keyspider site search up and running in less than ten minutes! All that users need is an account to get started.

1. Install Keyspider plugin

The Keyspider site search plugin can be installed in a snap.

Install our plugin by using WordPress Plugin Search in the WordPress backend or install manually using FTP. It is as easy as a breeze.

Have a quick look at our plugin and a rundown of its features here.

Do you want more information about Keyspider’s integration with WordPress? We have all the information here in the documentation.

2. End-user Search API

Our end-user search API can be used to customize everything on the search page. You can customize the search page and make it align with your WordPress theme. With Keyspider’s end-user search API, the website can provide visitors with the search results experience they want. Refer here for more information about end-user search APIs.