views enable users to manage the way the data in the collection are customized and displayed on the interface

Have you been trying to make sure that your brand is noticed online? The process of growing your brand image is a long and tedious one. You will often come across new questions every day like ‘what is faceted search?’ or ‘what is autocomplete search?Clients often want only what pertains to their query i.e. the search value but how can many different queries lead them to your brand?

The best way to provide your customers with the greatest search values is by adding not one data source but many of them. This helps you enhance your services and be more visible to them even across a stream of similar search queries. But how exactly can you optimize your website better to suit them? Here are a few special ways:

Map your Results:

The best way to get your brand noticed is by including the words that your audience wants to see. This can easily be done as you have the power to define the search results in terms of what is shown. 

Show the metadata and descriptions according to your preference because who knows your target demographic better than you? You can take control of your intelligent search today by understanding and implementing mapping perfectly. By customizing the search result page for specific internet searches, you are effectively creating exclusive strategies to lure in all sorts of clients. 

Are your Results Ranking or Re-Ranking?

Being on the search results section of any search engine is quite an accomplishment but it is also a very temporary activity. People are generally baffled by jargon such as ‘what is a search index?’ and this is the bigger challenge to accomplish.  Maintaining consistency here is a big challenge but the reward is just as big: more customers. With time, you will realize that the search results vastly vary for all kinds of searches. 

You can now custom rank your search results with effective keywords and thus tend to all kinds of queries differently. By custom ranking, you come across as the perfect solution provider no matter what the query is. 

Find the Perfect Synonyms

On the internet, it is not just about what one searches for. It is more often about what one means. This is why using the Keyspider Site Search has come to the aid of many brands who were planning to scale up. Immersing yourself in the nitty gritty of finding synonyms and ranking becomes easier with Keyspider. Many times, you will search for something on Google and you will be asked whether what you meant was XYZ. This feature is very much the same and can be responsible for a lot of clients. 

Your target demographic does not always know what they want. It is hence, your job to find the many synonyms for services and attach them to search results. This ensures that slightly different searches still give them the same results as they wanted. The key is to understand the intent of the user and then you can provide the perfect synonyms for their questions. 

Weigh Out the Solutions

It goes without saying that certain search results carry more weight than others. When such is the case, you will want to sort out your priorities so that the best result is always displayed first. Sort out this function easily by assigning weights to metadata or document fields via network mapping and you will have a much easier time being found. By bringing Keyspider Search into the picture, you can make this process a lot easier for yourself. The innovative platform is here to help you achieve your highest goals.

Previewing is Key

While you are busy adding the perfect keywords and right content, it can be easy to forget what the end goal is. The bottom line is that how your search result is displayed means everything. Based on this appearance, the user will either like you or fail to opt for you. This is why it is quintessentially important for you to preview exactly how your search result appears. This final check will allow you to straighten out those last few remaining loose ends. 

Installing Codes

There is a good chance that you already know exactly what you want in terms of parameters and search preference settings. But how will you convey this? Without knowing key terms like federated search, it becomes difficult to steer things as they come. This is where things get easier. All you have to do is take your tech stack and integrate it by installing the code. That’s all there is to it. Once the code is installed, your parameters are understood and implemented perfectly.


Focusing on your content just isn’t enough when it comes to your search engine results. This is why you should strategically partner with Keyspider today in order to make things easier. You have to focus on how it is seen and what search queries result in your results. While this is a lot of extra effort on your part, the benefit you will reap with it is your end goal entirely. Maybe with a little added effort, you could even have a monopoly on those search results!