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Keyspider Overview

Reimagine the user’s search experience on your website by meeting their search intent with the right answers and providing content relevant to their journey.

Customize, Personalize and Optimize

Optimize indexed data and A/B test preferences to customize how your data appears on the search results page.  Create multiple variations of search results with different collections. 

Customize-and-Optimize-Every Search-Page-View
Rerank Results

Choose the results that appear for every query. Pin or delete documents as needed and use a drag-and-drop search interface that allows you to customize the search output for specific queries. Improve the visibility of relevant and accurate results by determining ranking criteria.

Field Weight

Prioritize results based on importance and preferences by assigning weightage in the metadata field. Control how your results appear on the search page. 


Create different combinations and permutations to match search terms with verations and vernaculars based on your keywords. This advanced feature allows you to understand customer queries easily and provide results synonyms to queries. 

AB Testing-icon
A/B Testing

Set up A/B testing on your search parameters to monitor, track and optimize search results. Drive maximum value for your customers with accurate results. 


Building Search API

Decide what data you want to feature on your search results page. Display relevant filters, title, links, tags and descriptions on your search results page by easily setting it up on Keyspider.

Filters and Facets-icon
Filters and Facets

With an intelligent, multi-faceted search, users can find better solutions faster. Set up as many filters and facets for each search results page so your customers can easily find what they need. 

Query Suggestions

Offer an exceptional experience with smart predictability. Provide as-you-type query suggestions and solve queries before they become tickets with this feature. 


Search-Query Suggestions
Spell Check Did You Mean

 With the Did You Mean spellcheck your customers can easily find what they’re looking for, even if they don’t know the right term or spelling. Intelligent data predicts what customers might want, offering a seamless experience.

Dynamic Text Highlighting

Highlight shortlisted or important keywords so they stand out on any search results page. Provide customers with a good user experience and help them quickly decide which results to choose first. 

Create Unlimited Search Forms

Create unlimited search forms with a single index, allowing you to display data from different domains. Display results from different domains or collections in one customized view, saving you the hassle of moving data or content.

Install with JS library-icon
Install with JS library

Use Keyspider’s JS code to integrate with any platform. You can also integrate with WordPress and Drupal. No more worrying about moving data – simply install the code and begin your journey to a better search experience! 

Highly Customizabl API-icon
Highly Customizabl API

Build search interfaces flexibly and integrate with any platform using end user search APIs. Keyspider offers easy and simple API integration with your existing business technology. It is simple to integrate and provides an exceptional experience.


Index, Define, and Combine

Index data from different data sources and store it in a meaningful way so it is ready for search. You can also create multiple collections in different data source types within the same engine or index the data source based on your preference.

Multiple Datasource 

Add unlimited data sources to your collections and take advantage of the indexing by sitemap option too. No matter the format or where your content is, you can pull the data by adding it to the list of sources.

Highly Customizable

Advanced customization allows you to instruct crawlers based on specific predefined rules, like which meta-data to index, blocklist meta-data not to index, following subdomains, concurrent requests, download delay, and more, enabling you to provide highly customized results. 

Combine all sources regardless of type or technology.

Multiple Datasource type

Whether your data is in the form of a webpage, XML or PDF Keyspider’s crawler will locate, optimize and display them in the results page, producing accurate results for every query. 

Web Crawler-icon
Web Crawler

With Keyspider’s intelligent crawling you will never have to wait for the search engine to find updated content. Initiate an on-demand recrawling procedure to fill in the gaps, providing results without delays.

Next-generation Keyspider Search with Artificial Intelligence
Crawling Interval-icon
Crawling Interval

Schedule the frequency of the crawling process, specific to each collection or data source, ensuring the database is updated. You can choose between daily, weekly, and monthly crawl intervals.

Content Type to Crawl

An intelligent crawling approach can search structured and unstructured content types, providing the right results. You can also instruct the crawler to search data from HTML pages, PDF documents, XML data, webpages or anywhere else, irrespective of the source. 

Flexible, Fast and Secure

Meet every search intent with the right solutions, ensuring your customer gets only the most relevant and customized content. Create multiple collections in different data source types to provide a better experience. 

User Roles and Access

Manage and control access of information to specific members by defining this in the backend view and collection setup. Restrict data view and edit access to only relevant members ensuring security.

Low code Platform

An easy to set up solution ensures not only developers, but businesses too can optimize for better search relevance. With a quick turnaround time, you can ensure intelligent search results. 

Cloud-based enterprise search engine

Keyspider is a cloud based search engine. The Enterprise plan also allows you to deploy Keyspider’s enterprise search engine on your cloud infrastructures like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc. 

Cross-platform compatibility

No matter where your site is built, Keyspider can crawl data from anywhere. Even if you have multiple domains on different servers, platforms or programming languages, you can pull data from across anywhere.

Cross-domain search

Crawl and combine data from multiple collections and domains in one search results page. You can decide where you want to link each view or if you want to pull data from multiple domains. 

Deep Documentation

Extensive documentation and knowledge to help you navigate through the platform. Always available support and detailed reference documents makes it simple and easy to provide an exceptional, intelligent search experience. 

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