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Keyspider site search for-public sector
Multi-source indexing

A powerful data management approach that aggregates and indexes information from various data sources and sub-sites.

Search unstructured documents

Algorithms that navigate through diverse data types, making it easier to extract valuable insights from documents without a predefined structure.


synonyms in your search makes the results better. It helps you find information more easily and thoroughly.

One Index, Multi-Use

With a single index, to serve multiple purposes, simplifying data indexing, and provides a unified search for various applications.

Faceted navigation

Customizable filters and facets, allowing users to effortlessly navigate and refine search results.


User management

Customizing access to specific data-source and defining roles based on your needs. Tailor access for a secure and streamlining collaboration.

Quick Access, Less Waiting

Build trust with the public through smooth online experiences, whether at the local, state, or federal level.

Keyspider search empower government
High-speed and accurate search results

Kespider’s advanced search capabilities empower government websites to provide citizens with an intuitive and efficient means of accessing information.

Whether searching for general information, policies, forms, or crucial updates, the search engine’s lightning-fast results significantly enhance citizen engagement. By simplifying information retrieval, agencies can foster a stronger connection with their constituents.

Efficient Access to Complex Datasets

Site search excels in handling complex information architectures. It allows users to effortlessly sift through extensive databases, locating specific details with unmatched speed.

This ensures that citizens, researchers, and policymakers can extract valuable insights without the frustration of navigating convoluted data structures.

Keyspider Access to Complex Datasets
Keyspider Access for Diverse Audiences
Customized Access for Diverse Audiences

Site search offers customizable filters and facets, enabling agencies to tailor information access based on user profiles.

Whether it’s language preferences, accessibility features, or specific user groups, the search engine ensures that information is presented in a manner that suits the unique requirements of different audiences.

Real-time Updates keyspider index
Real-time Updates

Keeping citizens informed in real-time is crucial for any government agency. 

Whether it’s legislative changes, emergency notifications, or service updates, citizens can access the latest information promptly. This feature enhances transparency and reinforces trust in government communication channels.

keyspider Integration Platforms
Seamless Integration Across Platforms

Government services are distributed across various online platforms. Keyspider’s site search seamlessly integrates with multiple systems and platforms, providing a unified search experience.

Whether accessing information from a website, a mobile application, or an API, citizens encounter a consistent and efficient search interface, simplifying their interaction with government services.

Robust Security and Compliance

Government websites handle sensitive information that demands the highest standards of security and compliance.

Keyspider ensures data integrity and security, adhering to industry standards and regulations. With robust security measures, access controls, and compliance features, government agencies can trust Keyspider to safeguard sensitive citizen data.

Security Keyspider

A single platform that enables you to make every search result intelligent. 

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