Using Keyspider In WordPress

Make Your Custom Fields Searchable

All the metadata you add to your site is crawled and made searchable. Make the content on your site easily discoverable.

With Keyspider you can create custom fields, store content, and get it indexed effortlessly. Customize data while indexing to supercharge search efforts.

All your documents are now easy to find!

Our product crawls and extracts key information from your WordPress media library documents.

Keyspider makes the PDF, media, and plain/rich text files on your site easy to find in search and filterable in facet navigation.

Taxonomies and Shortcodes

Categories, tags, custom taxonomies, and short codes consist of great search relevant content. The problem with WordPress default search is that it ignores this content. Keyspider makes this information searchable.

Customers leave sites that are difficult to navigate. Using taxonomies in facet navigation helps your visitors to find the information they’re looking for in minimal clicks.

Display search forms anyplace

Display search forms where customers are most likely to search and guide them to the right destination. Use shortcodes to display search forms on the header, footer, dropdowns, navigation menu and more!

Multisite searches

Optimizing search operations in a multisite environment is no longer mission impossible. Utilize the superpowers of Keyspider to execute searches across various sites within a network.

WordPress themes

Plays well with WordPress themes

There’s no need for developer support or coding knowledge.

Keyspider integrates with native WordPress search forms and works across any themes. It eliminates the need for complicated coding or integration tasks.

How does it work


Install the Keyspider Site Search Plugin onto your site.


Connect to with the Keyspider plugin.


You’re all set, start search your website.


Integrate through plugin

Install Keyspider Site Search Plugin to power up site search abilities. Improve the quality of search results and boost customer engagement.

Integrate with APIs

Integrate Keyspider with all the tools you are comfortable with. We offer end-user search APIs. Create fully customizable search pages with a flexible API.

Empower your Business with Improved Search Relevancy.